23, China

What is your education level?

High School

What is your current (or most recent) job?


When did you apply to come to Japan originally?

April 2020

Why does studying in Japan mean so much to you?

I regretfully missed the opportunity to go to university in Japan and paid a huge price in my youth. I thought I would end up with a mediocre life, but God gave me the opportunity to make up for it in Japan. I put all my hope and passion into making my dreams come true in a foreign land! .
The vision of my parents and the expectations of my grandparents all converged on me. My parents were no longer young, my grandparents were already old, and the uncertainty of my future terrified me and my parents. I would like to put pressure on them so that they would not betray their expectations and mine again. I sincerely hope that the Japanese government will allow me to study in Japan as soon as possible.

How do you think that as a student in Japan that you will add benefit to Japan society?

First of all, we fully comply with the Japanese government’s request not to move around, not to use public transportation, and not to increase an already serious epidemic.
Secondly, our arrival will bring some help and boost to the Japanese society and economy. Moreover, we are all young, naive, and energetic like the sun, and we can bring joy and fun to the elderly in Japan.
With the experience of studying in Japan, I would like to become a “bridge of friendship between China and Japan”, spread the positive energy of Japanese society and people, clear the misunderstandings between the two countries, deepen exchanges, and realize the common prosperity of China and Japan.

What will it mean to you if there is another delay for students to be able to come to Japan?

I worked as a chef for five years, but quit my job to go to Japan to study