Student Interviews

We interviewed a handful of students to see how the travel ban has affected them.

Maria, 24, Colombia

Maria was 23 when she first applied to study in Japan, now she’s going to be 25 and she still doesn’t know when she will be able to enter the country because of the Japan Entry and Travel Ban

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Paris, 23, Canada

Paris from Canada has been waiting since September 2020 to enter Japan. He is studying now online for his Master’s, with lessons ending at 3 am.

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Hana, 28, Malaysia

International students are willing to self-isolate during their quarantine, take PCR tests before and after arriving to Japan and follow all the necessary procedures to avoid the spread of the virus, but because of the Japan entry and travel ban they still don’t know when they can enter Japan.

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Anne, 24, Swiss

Anne is a law student and she will quit her exchange study In Japan if she can’t enter Japan. She has already waited for over 10 months. Anne, together with thousands of other students, asks the Japanese government to let her know when and how she can enter Japan.

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Ikutree, 29, Belgium

Ikutree has been waiting to enter Japan for over a year. Ikutree was ready to go to live and study abroad in Japan in March 2020, sold all her furniture, clean her flat, but just before she could take her flight to Tokyo, the pandemic started. She lived for months in an empty flat, trying to understand if and when she was going to be able to study in Japan.

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Larissa, 24, Germany

Japan has guaranteed access to 200,000 athletes from around the world plus related staff and families but has forgotten international students who are now left in limbo and don’t know if/when they will be able to enter Japan.

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Ellis, 23, England

I will talk about the situation of international students and workers that are waiting to enter Japan for over 1 year. Many of the Japanese people I spoke with, unfortunately, don’t even know that at the moment foreign students or workers that are not already leaving in Japan CAN NOT enter the country. So I do this video in Japanese because I want Japanese to watch it and understand how miserable is the situation of international students and also I would like to hear in the comments what they think about the situation.

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