22, Vietnam

What is your education level?

High School

What is your current (or most recent) job?


When did you apply to come to Japan originally?

April 2020

Why does studying in Japan mean so much to you?

Studying in Japan will give me the opportunity to communicate directly with native people, learn many new things, and experience a very new and unique culture. With the knowledge I will acquire living and studying in Japan, I will be able to get closer to my own dreams and ambitions.

How do you think that as a student in Japan that you will add benefit to Japan society?

As a student, I will dedicate my time and energy to Japan. While I am in Japan, I will try to support and integrate the Japanese and Vietnamese community.

What will it mean to you if there is another delay for students to be able to come to Japan?

The delay in my arrival in Japan means that I will have more time in Vietnam to prepare, but I will also significantly delay the start of my experience of living in Japan and my graduation date.