19, Vietnam

What is your education level?

High School

What is your current (or most recent) job?


When did you apply to come to Japan originally?

April 2020

Why does studying in Japan mean so much to you?

It is my dream to study in Japan. I would like to go to Japan right now to learn and absorb knowledge directly from the local teachers. Also, learning Japanese in Japan will give me the opportunity to make and interact with Japanese friends.


When did you apply to come to Japan originally?

When I come to Japan to study, I promise to study and live following all the rules. I will prepare myself carefully and protect myself to prevent the spread of any deasese As far as I know, the labor rate in Japan is relatively low, so if Japan needs us, we can contribute to Japan as needed and do our best to help Japan. I will also do my best to study and contribute to the development of friendly relations between Japan and Vietnam so that we can prove to the world that Japanese education is really good.

What will it mean to you if there is another delay for students to be able to come to Japan?

It is very sad and heartbreaking for us international students to have to delay our arrival in Japan. We have spent a lot of time and effort to prepare for our study in Japan. Now we are really hoping that the Japanese government will open its doors for us international students. This delay will not only affect us mentally, but also financially as we have to wait for news from Japan to move, and we are currently unable to work in Vietnam. Also, delaying my entry into the country will waste a lot of time. I believe that Japan is trying to control the epidemic in order to stabilize this country. By doing so, they will be able to accept foreign students to study and we will be able to realize our dreams. I hope that Japan will be able to beat this pandemic soon and resume its activities as soon as possible. It is my dream to go to Japan to study and live in Japan. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.