19, Vietnam

What is your education level?

High School

What is your current (or most recent) job?


When did you apply to come to Japan originally?

April 2020

Why does studying in Japan mean so much to you?

It’s been my dream and desire for many years. I have been carefully preparing for learning Japanese, studying the language, and trying to gain more experience and skills. Japan is the country I have been longing for to make my dream come true. I hope that the Japanese government will create good conditions for me. Please let me study and gain experience in this beautiful country.

When did you apply to come to Japan originally?

As a Vietnamese, I am proud of my country because it has very good disease prevention methods. I have learned how to prevent and protect myself from infectious diseases. When I go to Japan to study, I promise to quarantine myself according to Japanese regulations, enroll into the national health insurance scheme, and comply with all conditions set by the school or the Japanese government. I will serve and dedicate myself to the Japanese people if there is a job that will have a positive impact on Japanese society.

What will it mean to you if there is another delay for students to be able to come to Japan?

While I am waiting for the Japanese government to issue my visa, my job has become unstable and has a great impact on my current life as I have to change all my plans depending on the government’s decision. If this continues, I will have to give up my ambitions and dreams to study in Japan. I hope that the Japanese government will soon make the conditions right for me to study in Japan.