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The people who are trying to help students study in Japan.

Open the borders to safe study in Japan Association

Article 1 (Purpose of the Association)

The purpose of this association is to provide public relations support activities to ensure fair and uniform rules concerning the immigration of international students

Article 2 (Name)

The name of this association is Open the borders to safe study in Japan Association​

Article 3 (Location of the Secretariat)

The secretariat of this association is located at

GoGoWorld Inc.

Shin-Okubo International Culture Building 2, 2-17-11 Hyakunin-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 169-0073, Japan

Article 4 (Members)

This association shall have the following active members.

Executive director 


Core members

Article 5 (Term of Office for the Officers)

The term of office for the officers is the resolution of the COVID 19 issue.

Article 6 (Executive Director)

The executive director shall represent the association and strive for its smooth operation. The vice-president assists the representative and performs the representative’s duties when the representative is not available.

Article 7 (Operation)

A management meeting shall be held with the representative at the center to ensure smooth execution of operations. When consultation is necessary, the agenda of the management meeting shall be decided by a majority vote of those present.

Article 8 (Amendments to the Articles)

These articles may be amended with the consent of a majority of the members.

Supplementary provisions

The active members of the association shall be the following members

Executive Director: Davide Rossi – Go! Go! Nihon

Vice-President:   Hiroko Yamamoto – Kai Japanese language School

Core Members:   Junko Okuda – Communica Institute

       Sanae Kato – Intercultural Institute of Japan

       Takehide Ezoe – Shinjuku Japanese Language School

       Yuka Hayakawa – Waseda Edu Language School

       Akiko Morishita – Okayama Institute of Languages

       Youjin Arai - Akamonkai – Japanese Language School

                               Yohei Suzuki – Doorkel Inc.


Alan Esquivel – Freelancer Web Developer

Masa, Kono, Filippo – Proofreading

Go! Go! Nihon Team – Proofreading

These rules shall apply from May 15, 2021.